5 Fridge Essentials

5 Fridge Essentials We Couldn’t Do Without!



Capers and Anchovies are an incredible way of getting deep Umami into just about anything, their salty, briney, acidity pairs well in pretty much all circumstances. Stuff cuts of meat, cooking into rice or grains to stuff vegetables or just sweating down in a Mirepoix at the start of any great-tasting, healthy recipe. These really are essential ingredients


In my fridge at home I have an incredibly hot Kashmiri Chilli Mustard for special occasions, a Dijon and a Wholegrain Mustard, we all have our preferences when it comes to Mustard. From making Mayonnaise too Dressings, Sauces or Sandwiches mustard has so many uses it is nearly impossible to do without.

Sweet chilli sauce

Sweet. Chilli. Sauce. Essential, this speaks for itself. Sweet chilli sauce is mostly in Asian Cookings, its use is becoming increasingly frequent in a variety of world recipes, as well as our everyday traditional favourites. Whether topping your Eggs, spreading on your favourite Sandwich, or marinating Meats with is, we couldn’t do without it!

Try making your own, you can really control the level of heat and acidity and totally make it to your taste!


Added to a breakfast smoothie, cereal, turned into a dressing with Turmeric, Tahini and a splash of water, this is a truly versatile ingredient to have in your fridge. Unsweetened, full fat, full taste Greek Yoghurt is a must to have on hand for quick and easy recipes.

Try mixing it with Garam Masala and marinating Chicken Thighs overnight before adding them to your Curry or mixing with chopped Capers and Anchovies, grated Parmesan cheese and fresh Dill for a quick alternative to a Caesar Dressing

Miso paste

The King of Umami, typically Miso derives from East Asia but its applications in any cuisine is fantastic. Fermented Soybeans ground to a paste this is effectively flavour in a jar. Fried into a Mirepoix or added to a Vegan Gravy this will bring extra taste to anything you make!

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