About Swper.Box

We are a Welsh Food Box Delivery Service with a Passion for Providing Sustainable and Seasonal Food to the people of Wales


Welcome to Swper.Box!

We are a brand new meal box delivery company, located in rural West Wales, bringing you fresh, nutritious, tasty and easy recipes to cook at home. Started by two Welsh chefs: Alex Cook, creator of Pink Peppercorn Food Co, winner of the Welsh Streetfood Awards 2019 and British Streetfood Awards best main dish 2019, and Stuart Crichton, a local chef who has worked in various kitchens around the world, from New Zealand to the Caribbean and now back in Carmarthenshire.

You can read more about SwperBox’s ethics and involvement in the sustainable food industry on our About page.

Hassle-free Healthy Recipes Delivered Direct to Your Door

A Swper.Box recipe subscription works by selecting up to 3 different meals a week from a fresh menu each week. We take care of delivery for free, straight to your doorstep! With an approximate 70% of our ingredients coming from Wales itself, about 20% from the greater UK and the remaining 10% organic European produce, our focus is the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint of our food. This focus on locality means you have the freshest, tastiest ingredients with the highest nutritional value possible. Your sustainable food is will be delivered on a Tuesday, and some of our very local producers will pick and deliver the ingredients on a Monday morning! Each box comes with a recipe card and all the ingredients needed to make tasty dinner at home. Each recipe is thought out carefully by our highly-skilled Welsh chefs to ensure a restaurant-quality meal that is healthy too!

Supporting Local Suppliers

We created Swper.Box in response to the lockdown of 2020, not only did the hospitality industry as a whole take a huge hit, but beyond that some of our more regular local suppliers had a whole years worth of successional planting in the ground and no one to sell them too, farmers markets were not operating, cafes and restaurants were not buying so we had to think of a way to buy their produce and help them out too! The idea of Swper.Box was born, the idea was to provide you with delicious, healthy, simple and quick meals to make at home, all our meals have a minimum of 2 of your 5-a-day and help educate people on how to cook and create nutritionally dense dishes. We have joined the Peas Please campaign, aimed at increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed throughout the UK, helping us to all eat tastier and healthier.