How to season

Seasoning Your Seasonal Food, The Right Way!


Seasoning our food correctly is probably the most important part of any meal, for the chef and home cook alike! We are trying to build a flavour profile bringing every element together making the final dish even better. We love eating seasonally here at Swper.Box, using only the freshest produce in our home cooking kits that is tasty enough when enjoyed in their natural seasons. But that doesn’t mean that a little sprinkle of seasoning doesn’t go a long way to help their flavours shine!

To do this we should be seasoning a small amount at every stage of cooking, a pinch of salt will help your vegetables saute faster, through osmosis, turning a 20 minute saute with extra oil, into a 10 min saute with less oil. It is important to remember that a lot of our ‘Umami’ ingredients will have a higher salt content, so if you are using Capers, Anchovies or Miso, then you will need less salt in the finished meal.

As we increase the amount of food in a pan, so too we must increase the salt content, a pinch at a time throughout the cooking process will greatly enhance the dish, as opposed to having to toss a handful of salt onto the finished product.

I still season at the table, but I find myself using a lot less salt after cooking properly.

Healthy Recipes Still Include Salt, Just in Moderation!

There are many different types of salt, i have shot Tequila with Indian Sulphur Salt, and whilst I am sure it has its uses I don’t care to try it again! Personal preference counts for a lot, as it does in all cooking, at home I have an organic granular Sea Salt for general seasoning, and either Maldon, or a flaky Welsh Sea Salt as a finishing salt, this adds a delightful crunch to a meal

At we are conscious of your (and our) health when planning our food box delivery meals. The salt that actually ends up on your plate after cooking is intended to be fairly minimal, when cooking with stock cubes and we say lightly season vegetables, it is to help the cooking process, not overload you with salt!

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