In praise of vegetables

In Praise of Vegetables

I was lucky growing up, my Dad is a classically trained French chef, although in my formative years he and my Mum owned a fish and chip shop, then later he became a gardner, so whilst we ate well at Christmas, New Year and Birthdays it wasn’t a highly nutritious feast every day! Many days it was beans, fish fingers, mash or boiled vegetables, many of us have grown up with frozen meals, convenience food or overly boiled vegetables, anyone for school cabbage!?

Since the 50’s meat has become more and more abundant and now many of us don’t think anything of a Bacon sandwich for breakfast or lunch followed by more meat for dinner. It is so simple to make meat the centrepiece of your diner, Chips, grilled Tomato and some mushrooms with a steak, we understand, is the easy option. But eating vegetables, and seasonal food in particular, is easy too!

Easy Recipes Don’t Have to Revolve Around a Meat Centrepiece

Here at, the aim of our food box delivery service is to make you fall in love with vegetables and more sustainable food options. it’s all much simpler than you would imagine: that boiled Cabbage, let’s turn it into braised Cabbage! Slice it super fine, saute with butter (or vegan spread), lots of sliced garlic and some Sea Salt until it has wilted slightly, add some dried fruit and white wine vinegar, or white wine! Cover with a lid and let it simmer, stirring occasionally, I guarantee you will be eating more Cabbage than you thought after this

Stick Aubergine Bacon into Google! Aubergines soft texture when it has been cooked and the ability to soak up flavour is an ideal way to cut down on your meat consumption and still get some taste!

Try a few meals a week with Vegetables as the centerpiece, roast Sprout Risotto, Jerk pulled Cabbage with Rice’n’peas, whole roast Hasselback Butternut Squash, Peasants pie

Working in a vegetarian cafe for 2 years has allowed me a change in perspective, an ability to use vegetables in a myriad of ways I never even knew existed, I still eat meat, just not as much. To paraphrase Anne Marie Bonneau, we don’t need a few people eating a strict plant based diet, we need everyone to start loving vegetables again!