Peas please

Peas please


Peas Please started in 2016 with the aim of making it easier for everyone to eat more fruit and vegetables. Since the 1970s our vegetable consumption has fluctuated, and despite the government’s 5-a-day campaign is currently on par with consumption in 1970.

Peas Please are invested across the food sector, they work with supermarkets, restaurants, individuals, cities and groups of people, they are taking a broad view in an effort to make real change to the diet and culture surrounding food in the country, especially working for low income families are areas that contain less access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Each Food Box Delivery Guarantees to Contain at Least 2 Portions of Fruit & Vegetables!

The Peas Please campaign annual report for 2020 shows the average consumption of fruit or vegetable per day for 11+ in Wales is 1.9 portions, Swper.Box is dedicated to providing healthy recipes with at least 2 portions per meal, this equates to 160g per person or 320g per box, we are currently averaging more than that for a meat or fish box, and way above that for a vegetarian or vegan meal kits.

Not only is an increased fruit and vegetable consumption better for our own health, it is also better for the environmental health of our planet. Peas Please is about much more than individual choices though, it is invested in increasing the portions of vegetables in school meals too, I do not remember seeing many, if any vegetables beyond baked beans in my school canteen in the late 90’s.

One of Peas Please ideas is to make vegetables more appealing, the difficult thing is if you had grown up on boiled sprouts and cabbage we are less likely to find them appealing, and will overlook the incredible things you can do with vegetables! Trying shredded raw sprouts was an absolute epiphany, or cabbage braised in garlic with a dash of vinegar, completely transforming the taste of these often-overlooked vegetables!